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Everyone has a dream job, and those of you who have earned the opportunity to follow your dreams may be willing to sign the first contract that comes your way, or get in a partnership with an agent who is promising you the world.

While your decisions with your life are entirely your responsibility, it needs to be emphasized how important having an attorney with your best interests in mind are. When you’re preparing to sign that contract of a lifetime or partner with someone who can take a percentage of your income, you need to have that information reviewed by a third party. At Hamilton Entertainment & Employment Law, LLC, Attorney Myra Hamilton offers consultations and advice for anyone entering the entertainment industry and needs to have a document reviewed.

How Attorney Hamilton Can Help You

Attorney Hamilton is a longtime labor and employment attorney and is very familiar with what proper documentation should look like. She’s also very familiar with predatory workplaces and agencies that try to use someone else’s eagerness against them.

What Attorney Hamilton can do is provide an unbiased look at a business contract offer or an agency partnership agreement, and not only tell you the legitimacy of the offer but if taking it is in your best interest. She can find wording that may be written in a way meant to sound favorable to you, but is in reality harmful.

Attorney Hamilton is a trained Classical Singer that graduated with Honors with a Voice Degree and she is skilled in Settlement Negotiations Contract Review and Drafting. Attorney Hamilton is skilled in advising clients on legal matters and answering questions related to the entertainment industry including but not limited to establishing and protecting intellectual property rights involving:

  • Print media
  • Digital media
  • Film
  • Television
  • Comedy
  • Sports
  • Books

Throughout Attorney Hamilton’s time as an attorney, she has provided consultation for contracts and agency agreements involving the full spectrum of Tennessee’s robust music and entertainment industry as well as for the sports industry. Any entertainment-based industry where you are working with an agent and signing a contract should be reviewed by a third-party attorney. Attorney Hamilton will be honest with you and make sure that the contract you’re signing is both fair and nonpredatory.

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Have a contract that you want reviewed by an attorney? Contact Attorney Hamilton today at 901-979-2115 or use her online contact form and schedule a consultation.

Never sign anything without having it approved by a trusted attorney first.