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Federal Employment Law Attorney: An Attorney Who Knows How To Work Through The Red Tape

Anyone who has ever worked for a federal government job understands the extreme amount of red tape that everyone must work through just to make anything happen. This also makes it extremely difficult for people to prove that they have been discriminated against at work. That is why when you do make a claim, you need a qualified attorney to represent you throughout the process.

If you are a federal employee working anywhere in the United States who feels that you have been discriminated against and are seeking representation, Myra Ann Hamilton of Hamilton Entertainment & Employment Law, LLC, may be the lawyer for you. With multiple accolades to her name, she has earned a reputation as someone who gets results and represents her clients with quality and professionalism.

Advocating the Rights of Federal Employees Nationwide: Attorney Hamilton Understands The Federal Government

Attorney Myra Hamilton has worked extensively with the federal agencies throughout her years as an attorney. Not only is she on the list of recommended attorneys by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), but she has also regularly helped her clients during negotiations, at settlement conferences, and hearings before administrative agencies. She understands how to effectively communicate with federal representatives to help her clients achieve the most favorable outcome possible.

Attorney Hamilton takes a hands-on approach to every case. She is actively involved in the entire process from filing the complaint, negotiation, hearings and beyond. You will work directly with her, and once she’s involved, she takes it very personally because your problems become hers.

Federal Employment Law Practice

Attorney Hamilton’s practice of federal employment law includes exemplary legal advocacy for her clients in these areas:

  • EEOC Administrative Law Judge HearingsAttorney Hamilton represents federal employees before the Federal Sector Hearings Office before the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). Attorney Myra Hamilton attends all scheduled conferences, including Prehearing Conferences, responds to all hearing Orders stipulated by the Judge inclusive of the Preliminary Case Information Order and the Acknowledgement and Order. Attorney engages in and conducts Discovery to develop the record, write Motion in Opposition to the Federal Government filed Motion for Summary Judgment
  • Federal Appeals: Office of Federal Operations – Attorney Hamilton represents Federal employees in Washington DC to appeal the Government Agency issued Final Decision and the EEOC Judge’s ruling in either grating the Motion for Summer Judgment or ruling from a hearing.
  • Federal Office of Special Counsel – Attorney Hamilton represents Federal employee’s complaints against the Federal Government Employer for various issues including but not limited to whistleblower retaliation for reporting fraud, abuse or waste; missed their 45-day deadline to file an EEO complaint; subjected to retaliation for filing a grievance/appeal; retaliation for refusing to obey an order that forces them to essentially violate law.
  • Federal United States Department of Labor – Attorney Hamilton provides counsel and guidance to clients who have claims of unlawful wage and hours issues or violation or violation of the Family Medical Leave Act.

Representing Federal Employees: Get The Filing Process Started Now

If you feel that you have been a victim of workplace discrimination at a federal government job, then you need an attorney that knows how the process works. Rely on the experience of attorney Myra Hamilton and get the process started as soon as possible.

To learn more about how Attorney Hamilton can help, contact her today at 901-979-2115 or use her online contact form.